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Realistic StuffedDoes owning a realistic stuffed dog, bear, gorilla or other animal appeal to you? Some are life size, others are just life looking but in either case this is the place to be.


I am Tom, the writer behind this website. Like many of you I had a stuffed animal when growing up, a dog in my case. As an adult I needed a plush gorilla for a retail store display I was working on and had difficulty finding one but after searching high and low eventually did get one.

Display finished I brought it home and my family thought I was collecting stuffed animals (I can be difficult to buy for) and I started to receive various plush animals for Christmas and Birthdays. They now cover every corner of my basement office.

For you I have researched to bring you a hand-picked display of the top realistic looking stuffed animals so you can have your own collection.

Plush Animals are now part of your home decor

They make fantastic gifts or may be used to add to the decor of your home.  I tiger plush in the photo below belongs to my niece. If you cannot afford a real pony for a child, consider one of the realistic looking ponies offered on this site.

Realistic Stuffed

My Realistic Stuffed Gorilla

As mentioned I have had my own collection of gorilla’s for years and everybody (and I mean everybody) comments on them when they visit my home. Start your own collection today, browse the site and order with ease.


Now I have developed a real passion for finding interesting and different plush animals, especially those with a more lifelike appearance. 

So, I hope that you’ll find this site a great resource for choosing your favorite plush animal. 

And while you’re here feel free to share your own, tips, too! Just jump into the comments on any post or contact me directly.

Have a great day!

Tom Oxby

Tiger plush
Tiger plush