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Teddy Bear Christmas Plush

Teddy Bear Christmas

Adorable teddy bears all dressed up for Christmas. Any of them makes an exceptional gift or something to keep for yourself at this special time of year. Click on the link to check out other Teddy Bears.

Christmas Plush Animals

Grinch Plush

A fun selection of Christmas plush animals including of the Grinch of course along with plenty of penguins plus reindeer, Santa, Snoopy, snowman, ginger bread man and even a hippo. They are all decked out in their seasonal hats or…

Play Safe with Organic Plush Animals

Organic cotton bunny plush

Some plush animals may contain beans and synthetic fibers? Cotton, straw, wool, plastic pellets, and many other materials may also be included. Some may also contain pesticides, harsh dyes, or ingredients that will irritate those with asthma.  The plush animals…