Best Selling Stuffed & Plush Animals

The Best Selling Stuffed & Plush Animals currently is the:

 Melissa & Doug Giraffe Plush

Best Sellilng Stuffed & Plush Animals

The Melissa & Doug Giraffe Plush has been on the best selling list for almost five years and is also the most popular realistic stuffed animal on this site.  It is both beautiful and high quality.

Although huge at almost four feet your kids are going to want to hug this adorable animal. Adults also find it cute too as it is popular with collectors of plush animals.

This giraffe is often part of a room theme. They have also proven to be a great gift for those wondering what to buy when it comes to birthdays or special occasions.

Overall the Melissa & Doug Giraffe plush offers great value so it is not surprising it is the number one bestseller in this category at Amazon!

Current Top 12 Best Selling Stuffed & Plush Animals currently are:

  1. Melissa & Doug Giraffe Plush
  2. Disney Mickey Mouse Plush Toy – 17″
  3. Disney Minnie Mouse Plush Toy – 17″
  4. Melissa and Doug T-Rex Dinosaur Plush
  5. Melissa and Doug Jumbo Teddy Bear
  6. Aurora Plush Sea Turtle
  7. Melissa and Doug Golden Retriever
  8. Red Fox Standing by Hansa
  9. Melissa and Doug Tiger Plush
  10. Hansa Plush Black Tail Jack Rabbit
  11. Melissa and Doug Pug Dog
  12. Cuddlekins Wolf

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The lists above are the best selling stuffed & plush animals according to Amazon. We have found Amazon to have the best prices for all types of stuffed and plush animals. We have included only realistic type plush animals on this this plus one giant teddy bear and two Disney characters which are always popular.

The Melissa and Doug Giraffe has remained a top seller for over one year now.

Also not surprisingly all of these bestsellers are rated highly by customers who have purchased them. These stuffed animals are suitable for kids and collectors of all ages.

If you are searching for the best selling stuffed & plush animals anyone would be thrilled to receive any one of these.

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