Are Stuffed Animals Made with Natural Fibers Safer?

Are Stuffed Animals Made with Natural Fibers Safer?

Are stuffed animals made with natural fibers safer? There are many different types of stuffed animals available, made with different fabrics and coming in a variety of sizes.

It turns out that stuffed animals made with natural fibers are often safer than those made with synthetic fibers. This is because natural fibers are less likely to harbor bacteria and other harmful chemicals. So, if you’re looking for a safe and cuddly stuffed animal for your child, be sure to choose one made with natural fibers. Your child will love snuggling up with their new friend, and you’ll rest easy knowing that they’re safe.

For example, the plush animals made by Hansa are made in small quantities with the fabric hand cut and sewn in the Phillippines. Many of the stuffed animals made by Melissa & Doug use a soft plush fabric over a wire frame.

And although it can be a little more expensive some plush animals are made with Alpaca fibers.

And while there are many made from synthetic materials, one of the most popular natural materials for stuffed animals and other plush toys is Alpaca. Alpaca fiber incorporates the finest features of the world’s natural fibers. It is as soft as cashmere but stronger and three times warmer than wool. Centuries of evolution spent in freezing temperatures at high altitudes has given alpacas more thermal capacity in its fiber than nearly any other animal. The alpaca fiber contains microscopic air pockets which give it powerful insulating value — which makes it ideal for human clothing.

It is the Alpaca fiber’s other qualities, however, that make it perfect for making children’s stuffed animal toys. First of all, while Alpaca fiber is similar to sheep’s wool, it is not prickly. The alpaca fiber is very soft and has a silky feel to the touch. Secondly, the fibers come in more than 20 natural colors, from white to black and many shades of grey and brown in between, allowing you to choose a toy stuffed animal of varying natural colors without any harmful dyes. And finally, Alpaca fiber has no lanolin which means that it will not harbor dust mites, the most common cause of allergic reactions to other natural fibers. The fact that it is lacking lanolin means that these fibers are naturally hypoallergenic making them an ideal material from which to make children’s toys.

When made of Alpaca fiber, you know it will be ultra soft as well as hypoallergenic. Stuffed animal toys make wonderful baby shower ideas….More at baby shower ideas stuffed animals are great | Scribble Print Articles

There are a variety of stuffed animals made with Alpaca fibers including teddy bears, dogs, tigers, lions, and other favorites. Your choice of fabric, size, and the animal will depend are what the intended use is will be. Many stuffed animals are more for display in a child’s bedroom or desired by an adult collector, in both situations they will not actually be played with much.

The most popular reason is for children (and teens) who will play with the animals frequently and even sleep with them so the construction is important. What do you think, are stuffed animals made with natural fibers safer?

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