Choosing a Stuffed Animal

Melissa & Doug Giant Golden Retriever - Lifelike Stuffed Animal Dog (Over 2 Feet Tall)

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When choosing a stuffed animal there is a wide selection of types, quality and different sizes out there.

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Here are a few suggestions to help you with  choosing a stuffed animal.

Reason for stuffed animal – is the stuffed animal for your child (grandchild), are you a collector or is it a birthday gift to a friend? Maybe your child wants a pony so you are giving them a life size stuffed pony instead which is much, much easier to care for.

Some of these stuffed animals are available in ride-on versions so it is almost like riding the real animal for the child.

In many situations these stuffed animals are to be part of the décor, such as for a nursery or kids themed bedroom. It is easy to create a jungle themed room for example with a lion or tiger and a giraffe plus suitable wallpaper.

The Appeal – what appeals to you about a stuffed animal? Looking for one that is a cute and cuddly animal or one with educational value. Maybe instead of taking a favored stuffed animal to bed you want something more active such as a ride-on toy. Many people (including adults) are collectors of a specific type of stuffed animal or brand. Or maybe the person has a favorite animal.

Some stuffed animals, such as those made by HANSA, are individually crafted so that they look a very realistic look and even have their own personality.

Age – the manufacturer will provide a suggested minimum age for the stuffed animal. For infants and smaller children you generally want something cuddly and huggable such as a plush animal. Older children may wish a more realistic stuffed animal, a ride-on where they are more active or a favorite animal. For adults they are generally looking at something relating to their childhood or they are a collector.

Brand appeal – some people love the life-like and large stuffed animals from quality makers such as Melissa and Doug or very person Hansa animals.

Safety concerns – again the manufacturer will generally provide advice. Depending on the age you want to watch out for small pieces they could choke on or sharp edges.

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Follow these guidelines when choosing a stuffed animal and have fun.

Realistic Stuffed

Realistic Stuffed Animals, Piazza Navona Store, Rome

Did  you know that one in four men travel with a stuffed animal. Travelodge, the UK based hotel company discovered that in a recent survey. Oprah covered the topic in a program asking if this was normal. One of the men who was interviewed stated it gave him a connection to his family, particularly his daughter while away from home.

I do travel with a small Canadian moose which is attached to my backpack. Everybody asks about my moose. Do you travel with a stuffed animal? How about your own Plush Terrier Puppy

Melissa & Doug Giant Jack Russell Terrier - Lifelike Stuffed Animal Dog (over 12 inches tall)

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I was in Rome and walked into one of the most famous attractions, the Piazza Navona. This large square is filled with artists, souvenir sellers and busker’s. Surrounding the square are large government buildings, a church and numerous cafes with outdoor dining and of course gelato shops.

At this very prestigious address, to my amazement when strolling out of the square was a large store with four display windows full of large, realistic looking stuffed animals. As you can see in the picture one featured lions and GIANT ORANGE TIGER, others had large camels, rabbits and gorillas. The popularity of realistic stuffed animals is definitely increasing around the world.

Did I purchase one of these large life size stuffed animals? I was flying home economy class and the others on the flight would have given me strange looks, but I admit I was tempted. Click here to check out all our plush animals.

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