Creating a Theme Party with Stuffed Animals

Creating a Theme Party with Stuffed AnimalsStuffed animal theme parties theme parties can be fun for kids and adults alike as there are so many things you can do with this idea.

It can be fairly modest like where I once had a summer outdoor BBQ for adults in my garden. In this situation I placed a two small gorilla’s on the table as centerpieces. On selected chairs I placed several large realistic looking stuffed animals, all gorillas.

Although there were only adults at my BBQ they were the center of conversation and many people had their pictures taken with them. This type of party has also been used for mom-to-be shower parties as well.

With kids birthday parties you can take the theme a little farther with giveaways, vegetation and the food including the birthday cake. You can go further with the theme if you wish with special plates and details on the invitations. Depending on the attendees you can even structure games around the animals.

However what makes this type of party work is the realistic stuffed animals you will be using. Some of these life like stuffed animals are huge, most likely larger than the kids themselves. Some brands pride themselves on creating individual stuffed animals, each with their own personality. Major brands of life like stuffed animals include Hansa, Melissa and Doug.

There are lots of theme ideas using stuffed animals, here are a few:

  • Jungle animals with gorillas, giraffes, zebra, elephants and lions. These are all available in large sizes and look real at a quick glance. The giraffe is one of the most popular animals available.
  • Sea animals such as sharks, dolphins, crocodiles, otters and the lovable penguin
  • North American animals including deer, buffalo, turtles and rabbits
  • Easter, yes there are lots of realistic looking rabbits and chickens
  • Halloween theme with scary animals such as bats
  • Dog theme as almost every breed has a stuffed animal version and they make great giveaways as well, cats are available too
  • Farm animal theme with cows, sheep, chicken and of courses ponies.
  • Zoo theme at your own home using any of the life like animals listed above

There are even ride-on versions of some of these stuffed animals including ponies which can add a fun activity at the party. You know that the kids have always wanted to ride a pony so this is there chance.

To obtain some plush animals to get started, click here.

So for you next special event why not consider the unique and fun idea of using realistic stuffed animals.

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