Realistic Stuffed Animals at Parties

Realistic Stuffed Animals at PartiesI recently read about someone who suggested stuffed animals for mom-to-be shower parties. That is a great idea and yet they can also be used for kid’s birthday parties, Easter, Halloween and other special events.

I once had a summer outdoor BBQ for adults in my garden. In this situation I placed a two small gorilla’s on the table as centerpieces. On selected chairs I placed several large realistic looking stuffed animals, all gorillas.

Although there were only adults at my BBQ they were the center of conversation and many people had their pictures taken with them.

However you can use realistic stuffed animals it only adds to the fun and you can have all sorts of themes, for example:
• jungle animals (stuffed giraffes, zebra, elephant, monkey, etc.)
• farm animals (of course cows, sheep and even a large realistic pony for the girl who has always wanted one and you can’t afford the real thing)
• North American animals (for example deer, turtles and buffalo)
• Zoo (all kinds of animals in this category)
• Water animals (sharks, crocodile)
• Halloween ( go for scary animals such as bats)
• Dogs (these are popular and many breeds are available)

You can go further with the theme if you wish with special plates and details on the invitations. Depending on the attendees you can even structure games around the animals.

Click here for more information on realistic stuffed animals.

So for you next special event why not consider this unique and fun idea.

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