Stuffed Animals as a Teaching Tool

Stuffed Animals as a Teaching ToolStuffed animals make for a great teaching tool. Especially since many of the featured animals on this site have a realistic look and some are the actual size. Many have the exact colors and the plush fabric even looks like real fur.

Elementary schools

One teacher stated that she bought this and the owl, squirrel and bear for an elementary class with woodland theme and they worked perfectly! They make a perfect prop when describing these animals, much better than a picture.

At home

Many kids have a favorite animals they might have seen at the zoo, in a book or on television. Once they get a realistic stuffed animal if spikes their curiosity and the children want to get to know more about how these animals live in the wild.

Endangered animals.

Webkinz have quality plush endangered animal species. Your child can get to know Rhinoceros, Brown bears, Red Panda, Cougars and other animals that are in danger. Educating people including your children can go a long way in saving them.

I recently had a reader contact me about obtaining some realistic stuffed dogs to be used for first aid training for real dogs. I understand that these life sized dogs provide a great prop for the students learning this task.

There are plenty of realistic stuffed animals available including dogs, woodland, sea animals, jungle species and many others.

Yes, stuffed animals can be cuddly and fun to play with but they make a excellent teaching tool as well.

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