Stuffed Animals as Baby Shower Gifts

Stuffed Animals as Baby Shower Gifts

Why stuffed animals as baby shower gifts? It can be a difficult decision to pick a great gift for a baby shower. You want to pick something unique that will be treasured by the baby and parents alike.

Stuffed animals have plenty of uses many parents these days use them as a theme for bedrooms including a jungle look with lions, tigers, and giraffes. Or what about a dinosaur theme with a plush animal? And then there are the farm animals, and sea animals including cuddly penguins.

When the baby grows they may wish to use them as a pillow and play toy as well. It is even common for teens heading to university to take their favorite stuffed animal with them as a reminder of home.

Think again! Stuffed animals make great baby shower gifts for a number of reasons. First, they’re relatively inexpensive. You can find them for as little as a few dollars at your local discount store. Second, they’re practical. A stuffed animal can double as a pillow or a blanket, making it a versatile gift that the new parents will appreciate. If you’re looking for a unique baby shower gift, consider giving a plush animal.

Stuffed animals and cuddly toys are a great gift that you can give to someone of any age and for any occasion, but make particularly good baby shower gifts. Pre-teens and teenagers love stuffed animals too, often insist on taking their favorites him them when heading off to camp or college to ease the separation anxiety of their first few times living away from home.

Likewise, parents and grandparents enjoy stuffed animals, though most often the stuffed animals are to remind them of younger family members or have something available for their children’s friends and grandchildren to enjoy when they visit. But young children, babies and infants generally have the best reaction to a new stuffed animal toy. They are the ones that get the biggest thrill from new stuffed animals, and seeing their face break out into a beaming smile as they first grasp the cuddly toy is priceless!

You can get stuffed animals and cuddly toys in many different varieties and materials. Since Theodore Roosevelt’s era, Teddy bears have been one of the most popular stuffed animal choices. These days, however, you can purchase almost any kind of animal as a stuffed toy… from elephants and lions to horses, rabbits or eagles. Whatever your child has seen recently at the zoo or on TV is probably available as a stuffed animal toy.

Cuddly stuffed animal toys are an ideal way for a child to begin to learn how to play. You will often see children acting out stories and plays with their teddy bear or other stuffed animals. This is a perfect way for their imaginations to be used in an innocent and playful way. They will name their cuddly toy and you will find that they may even have a favorite who goes everywhere with your child. This is all part of your child growing up and is a great thing to see. In an age of technology it is always heart warming to see children still playing with something as simple and innocent as a cuddly stuffed animal toy. Stuffed animal toys make wonderful baby shower ideas…. From article baby shower ideas stuffed animals are great | Scribble Print Articles

As stuffed animals commonly stay around for years the baby’s parents will remember your gift long after the shower. Plush animals come is all sizes from a few inches to huge styles that older children can actually ride on.

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Jungle Plush Animal-Themed Nursery

Many parents are using plush animals as a theme for the new nursery with jungle, farm, or forest animals being common.

They are educational and fun. Give plush animals as baby shower gifts and you are sure to stand out and receive plenty of thanks.

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