Tell Your Kids To Go Play With the Lions

Tell Your Kids To Go Play With the Lions

Come on, go tell your kids to go play with the lions, and bears or even swim with the sharks. I must explain that I mean with realistic-looking, life-size stuffed animals.

These realistic stuffed animals can be from 3 to 6 feet tall with all the correct colors and look like the real thing and as with most plush toys they are very cuddly and huggable, even the lion. The popular giraffe for example stands over 4 feet tall and comes with spots and adorable eyes.

Did your child ever want a pet dog but for various reasons you could get one? Well, almost every breed of dog imaginable is represented so you can get a new best friend for your child. There also realistic stuffed animals for everything from riding on ponies to jungle animals, sea animals, farm animals and more.

Yes, I did say ride on as some of these animals are constructed strong enough for young kids to actually ride them.

The reality is that adults love to play with these as well and many people collect them. Girlfriends have been known to get one or two as gifts. Even the actor Betty White confesses in her book “If You Ask Me” that she has them as well.

You won’t be surprised to learn that I have stuffed animals. Both at my home in Los Angeles and at my home in Carmel there is a special room devoted to them, filled to capacity. I especially love the exotic ones – there is an anteater, a rhinoceros, a beluga whale, an armadillo, a bear – not a Teddy, a grizzly – the list goes on. Where it begins to get a little weird is that to me, these animals are almost real. They have their individual personalities – some are looking right into my eyes – and when a new member joins the group, I introduce him to the others.

Many people use realistic stuffed animals as a theme for a child’s bedroom from dinosaurs the jungle themes with lions or tigers or elephants…. Well, you get the idea.

These animals are educational as well as your child will want to learn more about this huggable friend. Some kids even take them to bed and use them as pillows.

Melissa & Doug Lion Giant Stuffed Animal (Wildlife, Regal Face, Soft Fabric, 22" H x 76" W x 15" L)
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To see reviews on some of these animals, click here. So do tell your kids to go play with the lions and other realistic stuffed animals and have a fun time.

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