Melissa & Doug Giant T-Rex Dinosaur – Lifelike Stuffed Animal

Melissa & Doug T-Rex Giant Stuffed Animal, Wildlife, Bold Colors, Soft Polyester Fabric, Stands on Two Feet, 26" H x 30" W x 9" L

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This T-rex plush rules! Adventure and excitement follow this dramatic dino into any environment. The bold colors and “roaring” design combine with top-quality construction and attention to detail to make this plush T-rex lovable on a prehistoric scale!

T Rex Dinosaur Plush

Although he is big the Melissa & Doug Giant T-Rex Dinosaur Plush is soft, cuddly and not really threatening and this dinosaur will be popular with your child.

Melissa & Doug T-Rex Giant Stuffed Animal, Wildlife, Bold Colors, Soft Polyester Fabric, Stands on Two Feet, 26" H x 30" W x 9" L

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What is good about the Melissa & Doug Giant T-Rex Dinosaur Plush

Size – colossal measuring more than two feet tall, this enormous Tyrannosaurus Rex is anything but threatening.

Realistic looking – great attention to detail a colorful prehistoric plush in beautiful colors with well placed spots and stripes as you would expect to find on a T-Rex.

Excellent quality – soft premium quality plush construction with the stitching nice and tight. Melissa and Doug have been making quality stuffed animals for over 23 years.

Who the Melissa & Doug Giant T-Rex Dinosaur Plush is ideal for

  • Recommended Age Range 3 Years and up (by manufacturer) although kids as young as 24 months enjoy him too
  • Kids theme rooms
  • Plush animal collectors of any age
  • Dinosaur lovers
  • Makes a great gift as well

Melissa & Doug Giant T-Rex Dinosaur Plush Features and Specifications

  • T-Rex Dinosaur Plush

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    Realistic looking plush

  • Cuddly and huggable
  • Stands on its own two feet
  • Bold colors to match a bold “King of the Dinosaurs” reputation
  • Soft polyester fabric
  •  26 inches tall

What customers say about the Melissa & Doug Giant T-Rex Dinosaur Plush

One reviewer stated that just got this for my 3 year old, who is currently crazy about everything dinosaur. My kid loves it so far, he’s even taking it to bed with him!

Another reviewer mentioned my son loves to wrestle with it and drag it around the house. You don’t often find high quality stuffed toys that are this large for such a reasonable price, and I’d say it’s a great buy for any kid who likes dinosaurs.

Typical is this comment from a reviewer who said just got this in the mail and soooo cute! We own the dragon from Melissa and Doug as well, its been a HUGE hit with my two boys so I know this one will be too (waiting to give it to me 20 month old for his birthday)

Lots of people get the dinosaur as a gift including this reviewer who said got this for my son for his 4th birthday which was also around xmas so we opened it on the 25th. His expression was priceless. He didn’t care about the rest of the presents. He sleeps with it every night. If he could take it to school he would.

And one reviewer said this is still one of the most popular toys in the house. The other day I was asked to put my son’s rain jacket on the dinosaur so we could take him in the car with us on the ride to daycare. I kinda like the dinosaur myself…but don’t tell anyone.

Interested in dragon plush animals, click here. The Melissa & Doug Giant T-Rex Dinosaur Plush is for anyone who loves dinosaurs and will soon become a favorite.

Melissa & Doug T-Rex Jumbo Plush Dinosaur (Lifelike Stuffed Animal, Over 4 Feet Tall)

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Giant T-Rex Dinsoaur Plush








Realistic looking


Value for money



  • 26 inch or 51 inch sizes
  • Life like features
  • Colorful attention to detail
  • Quality plush
  • Stands on own two feet


  • Some believe arms too small
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