Melissa & Doug Giant German Shepherd Plush Dog Review

Melissa & Doug Giant German Shepherd - Lifelike Stuffed Animal Dog  (over 2 feet tall)
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With its cocked head, this friendly German shepherd plush is ready to hear from you! This giant stuffed animal dog is gentle and well-behaved, and this beautifully constructed doggy is made of soft, furry fabric with attention to every detail. At over 2 feet tall this plush animal is built sturdy but not intended as a seat or ride-on.

German Shepherd Stuffed Animal

The Melissa & Doug German Giant Shepherd Stuffed Dog is lovable and life-size with a soft coat. He is sure to be a family favorite for dog years to come!

What is good about the Melissa & Doug Giant German Shepherd Stuffed Dog

Life-size – some might say giant at 31.5 x 13 x 8 inches. A hyper-realistic stuffed animal so when people first see this dog they do a double take as they think it is the real thing.

Very realistic looking – with a cocked head this lovable furry friend has life-like features including a soft cuddly plush coat, and an internal frame to keep him upright.

Quality product – Melissa and Doug have been making quality stuffed animals for over 23 years

Who the Melissa & Doug Giant German Shepherd Stuffed Dog is ideal for

  • Dog lovers
  • Plush animal collectors
  • Kids to play with (manufacturer recommends age 36 months to 15 years old)
  • Teaching aid about dogs
  • Themed room
  • Makes a great gift

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Melissa & Doug Giant German Shepherd - Lifelike Stuffed Animal Dog  (over 2 feet tall)
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Melissa and Doug Giant German Shepherd Stuffed Dog Features and Specifications

  • Life-sized plush dogs
  • These lovable furry friends have life-like features and soft cuddly coats.
  • The internal frame keeps them upright
  • They are sure to be family favorites for years to come
  • Superior quality and value
  • Measures 31.5″ x 13″ x 8″.

What customers say about the Melissa & Doug Giant German Shepherd Stuffed Dog

One reviewer said this toy is the cutest toy! I love it! it is so realistic it is like a real live dog!

Another reviewer stated we bought this German shepherd for my 7-year-old daughter last year as a Christmas gift. She ADORED it!! We had it sitting by the tree Christmas morning wearing a real collar and leash (our 7-month-old lab wears the same size). When we have people over they always do a double-take when they see the dog, thinking it is real. We also put it in our front window when we are away (it looks so real from the road!)

This reviewer felt I was a little concerned about buying this, as the picture doesn’t show this product’s best features. But once I opened the box, my heart melted at its cute eyes and bowed ears. It was a gift for my girlfriend, who absolutely loves German Shepherds, but our apartment has a “no pet” policy. When she came from work on her birthday, she nearly mistook it for a real dog. But she loves it all the same. It is adorably cute, and sometimes she’d rather sleep with it.

Click here to check out all our plush dog animals. The Melissa and Doug German Shepherd Giant Stuffed Dog make a very realistic family friend.

Giant German Shepherd Plush Dog




Realistic looking






Value for money



  • Life like features
  • Soft cuddly coat
  • Internal frame to keep them upright
  • Built sturdy


  • Sits only, does not change position

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