Aurora Plush Gunga Gentle Giant

Gunga Gentle Giant PlushAurora Plush Gunga Gentle Giant. Aurora World is a premier manufacturer of gift plush, stuffed animals and soft toys.

Giant Gorilla Stuffed Animal

Features include:

•Realistic Styling
•Wonderful Gift Item
•Fine Plush Fabric
•Soft and Cuddly
•Leading manufacturer of plush

Recommended Ages:3 – 15

Product Features

  • Realistic Styling
  • Wonderful Gift Item
  • Fine Plush Fabric
  • Soft and Cuddly
  • Leading manufacturer of plush

The Aurora plush gunga gentle giant is a wonderful and lifelike gorilla. If you love mountain gorillas this huge soft and cuddly one is for you.

I first saw this gentle gorilla in a Florida shop window dressed with flip flops, sunglasses and a summer shirt surrounded by suntan lotion and sitting on a folding chair.

I now have my own wearing sunglasses and a sailor shirt and he is always the center of conversation at any party.

What is great about the Aurora Plush Gunga Gentle Giant

Realistic styling – people take a double look when they first see this gorilla as he is so large and lifelike.

Party gorilla – he is great for jungle themed parties. I just place him on one of the chairs and leave him and before you know it he is the center of attention with lots of people lined up to get their picture taken with the gentle gorilla.

Educational –  one purchaser kind of summed it up stating their nephew really liked it and even at 3, he’s into everything gorilla now. He sleeps with it. He lays on it to draw and color and watch TV. Others have purchased their own gorilla after a visit to the local zoo.

Quality – very well made, durable, soft, cuddly and made with fine plush fabric from Aurora, the leading manufacturer of stuffed animals.

Cons about the Aurora Plush Gunga Gentle Giant

  • There were none listed on either the Amazon or manufacturer websites. I have owned my own gentle giant for over ten years and he is still in perfect shape.

Who the Aurora Plush Gunga Gentle Giant is intended for

  • Kids, especially with a jungle themed room or holding a jungle theme party
  • Adults who love mountain gorillas
  • Collectors of stuffed animals or plush animals
  • Makes a wonderful gift item as well

Aurora Plush Gunga Gentle Giant Features and Specifications

  • Gorilla Plush48 inch gorilla with realistic styling
  • Fine plush fabric
  • Locker washer or embroidered eyes and noses for safety
  • Aurora World is a premier manufacturer of stuffed animals and soft toys
  • Size is 47 x 32.5 x 20 inches
  • Recommended for age 3 and older

What Customers Say About the Aurora Plush Gunga Gentle Giant

There were only positive ratings for this gorilla plush. Typical is the woman who took her child to the zoo and she fell in love with gorillas there, so we just had to find one that was big enough for her to cuddle with. Another reviewer stated we bought this for our daughter’s first birthday and she LOVED it!

Almost everyone comments on the huge size. The description says it’s 48″, but until you actually see it you just can’t imagine. If I sit down facing it, I’m only a little taller than it is. And I’m 5’10”.

About the quality people find it even softer and moveable than they expected. It’s really well made. Gunga Gorilla is a handsome, wise-looking gorilla. Detailed face. (nice chest, and even gorilla nipples.)

One person got this gorilla as a mascot for his school. It’s every bit as cool and fun as it looks.

If you want to check out other plush jungle animals, click here. If you love gorillas I recommend the realistic Aurora Plush Gunga Gentle Giant.

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