Melissa & Doug Elephant Plush- Lifelike Stuffed Animal

Melissa & Doug Giant Elephant - Lifelike Stuffed Animal (over 3 feet long)

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Make way for this Melissa & Doug elephant plush! You’ll need plenty of room in your heart for this lovable elephant. Excellent quality construction and attention to detail are obvious in this elephant’s tusks, wrinkled trunk, floppy ears, right down to its toenails. Just right for elephant-sized hugging! Built sturdy. Not intended as a seat or ride-on.

Elephant Stuffed Animal

The Melissa & Doug Elephant Plush is huge, yet is a huggable and fun jungle animal to play with.

What is good about the Melissa & Doug Elephant Plush

Large size – Ultra-soft and cuddly, just right for elephant-sized hugging! The elephant measures a large 28.5″ L x 20″ W x 11.5″ H.

Durable – These beautiful, amazing jungle creatures and range-roamers are built of extra-strong yet huggable materials and are sure to capture the interest of children for years to come. Many kids while playing drag the elephant around by its trunk.

Attention to detail – excellent quality construction and attention to detail are obvious in this elephant’s tusks, wrinkled trunk, floppy ears and right down to its toenails.

Quality – Melissa and Doug are well known for making quality stuffed animals for the past 23 years.

Melissa and Doug Elephant Plush is intended for

  • Kids, aged 3 years or older to play with
  • For a themed playroom, bedroom or babies nursery
  • Collectors of all ages
  • Elephant lovers
  • Makes a great gift at any time of year
  • Some adults have even been known to use the elephant as a footrest

Melissa & Doug Elephant Plush Features and Specifications

  • Plush elephant built of extra-strong yet materials
  • Sure to capture the imagination of children for years to come
  • Ultra-soft and cuddly, made with soft polyester fabric
  • Can enrich a child’s imagination
  • Exceptional Quality and Value
  • Recommended for age 3 and older
  • Lifelike, hand-crafted elephant
  • Even has realistic “wrinkles”
  • A large 17″H x 37″L x 13″W
Melissa & Doug Giant Elephant - Lifelike Stuffed Animal (over 3 feet long)

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What Customers think of the Melissa & Doug Elephant Plush

Several reviewers mentioned that they purchased this elephant for a friend whose favorite animal is the elephant. She absolutely loved it. It is tall enough to act like a footstool. It is also able to support the weight of an adult. This is a great product for anyone because it is simply so out of the ordinary of a gift.

Reviewers liked that it stands up, one person stating just as described, this plush toy has a wire frame to it so while its plush, it stands upright. I’m sure this feature will be of great interest to our little one once he’s able to stand up as he can interact with this plush animal on a different level. Looks perfect in his safari themed nursery. would purchase again.

Lots of reviewers discussed the size mentioning this elephant is HUGE! I have an almost-3 year old daughter that really wanted an elephant for Christmas….I splurged and bought this for $40ish (which is A LOT of money for a stuffed animal in my opinion) and I will say…..IT WAS WORTH EVERY DOLLAR!

We bought this elephant for our 19 mo. old granddaughter and she fell in love with it right from the start! It is solidly built to hold a child’s weight without “caving in” and low enough to the ground that she could climb up on his back on her own. It is a fun, different gift for a little one. Quality, as expected from Melissa and Doug.

We have lots of jungle plush animals which you can check out by clicking here. The Melissa & Doug Elephant Plush will be a hit in your home with its large size and realistic look.

Elephant plush






Realistic looking




Value for money



  • Large size and life like
  • Attention to detail
  • Durable
  • Exceptional quality


  • Size is small for an elephant but okay for younger kids
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