Melissa & Doug Giant Lion – Lifelike Stuffed Animal

Melissa & Doug Lion Giant Stuffed Animal (Wildlife, Regal Face, Soft Fabric, 22" H x 76" W x 15" L)

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I was visiting my niece and she mentioned she wanted to show me something new she had just received, a Melissa & Doug plush giant lion. At first glance I was impressed, it looked very real because of the size and detail.

This is one King of the Jungle that can rule over any environment! Beautifully detailed and lifelike, this king sized, stuffed lion is carefully constructed to be the “mane” feature in your home for many years.

Giant Lion Plush Animal

The Melissa & Doug  giant Lion plush is friendly and lifelike at almost 6 feet long. It will be a hit with your kids or as a gift.

What is good about the Melissa & Doug Giant Lion Plush

Beautifully detailed and lifelike –  first there is the fuzzy mane, a soft body and stiff face on a giant lion just over six feet long.

Cuddly – Yes, he is big but this lion is friendly and good for snuggling and many use it as a pillow. This jungle animal stuffed animal is made of premium quality, yet extra strong and huggable materials.

Quality – Melissa and Doug have been making quality stuffed animals for over 23 years.

Melissa & Doug Lion Giant Stuffed Animal (Wildlife, Regal Face, Soft Fabric, 22" H x 76" W x 15" L)

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Melissa & Doug Giant Lion is intended for

  • Kids age 3 or older, great for play
  • Display in their rooms with jungle or safari theme
  • Collectors of any age
  • As a great birthday or Christmas gift
  • Although not its intended use many use as a pillow
  • It also looks great in the nursery with a jungle theme
  • Mascot, okay it is not intended for this but he has been used as a mascot for a local Lion’s Club
Melissa & Doug Lion Giant Stuffed Animal (Wildlife, Regal Face, Soft Fabric, 22" H x 76" W x 15" L)

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Melissa & Doug Giant Lion Features and Specifications

  • Plush lion
  • Realistic-looking plush lion with a soft mane and regal face.
  • Made of premium quality soft polyester plush fabric over a flexible wire frame which makes it both durable and huggable
  • This stuffed animal is semi-poseable for more fun
  • Measures a large sized 75″ x 19″ x 22″
  • Recommended age rating is 3 years and up
Melissa & Doug Lion Giant Stuffed Animal (Wildlife, Regal Face, Soft Fabric, 22" H x 76" W x 15" L)

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What customers have to say about the Melissa & Doug Giant Stuffed Lion

Lots of reviewers commented on the fact that the faces of the kids light up when they first see the lion. For example one reviewer remarked our grand daughter Sara is into stuffed animals, the bigger the better, so when she saw this it brought a big smile to her face and at night when it sleeps with her, he keeps the monster out.

This lion is a common gift item as explained by this reviewer who purchased the lion as a gift for my 3 1/2 year old grandson for Christmas. He was thrilled with his new lion. Both he and his younger sister enjoyed sitting on it.

While often used in a nursery or to decorate a room this reviewer had other ideas. I purchased this Lion for our town’s annual 4th of July parade as our local Lion’s club mascot to ride on our float. It was a hit. Now will plan to use it at all our Lion’s events.

Many reviewers commented on the quality. This person stated they searched on-line for a long time before I decided which giant stuffed lion to get my son for Christmas. Honestly, I was worried about quality with this one because it was significantly cheaper than all the others. However, I am VERY pleased with this lion. It is larger than any other I saw and made with good quality. DEFINITELY worth more than the price.

Want to see other plush jungle animals, click here. The Melissa & Doug giant Lion is available at a very affordable price to delight kids and adults alike.

Giant Lion Plush






Realistic looking




Value for money



  • Life life and nicely detailed
  • Cuddly as features premium plush
  • Semi-posable
  • Large size
  • Ages 3 and older
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