Melissa & Doug Giant Orangutan – Lifelike Stuffed Animal

Giant Orangutan - Lifelike Stuffed AnimalOrange-you glad you chose this orangutan! Excellent quality construction and exacting attention to detail make the long fuzzy hair, detailed fingers and toes, and expressive face of this lifelike, lovable orangutan a worthy long-term friend.

Large realistic Orangutan plush

Product Features

  • Orangutan comes with long fuzzy hair, detailed fingers and toes, and an expressive face.
  • Lovable orangutan will be a worthy long-term friend.
  • Exacting attention to detail.
  • Makes a great birthday gift.
  • Exceptional quality and value.

This Melissa and Doug Orangutan plush is very lifelike with long orange fuzzy hair, detailed fingers and toes and an expressive face.

What I Like About the Melissa and Doug Orangutan

Lifelike – very realistic with expressive face

Great quality – like all Melissa & Doug plush animals they are made of excellent quality construction and exacting attention to detail. Melissa and Doug have been offering plush orangutan and other products with tremendous value, quality and design for 23 years.

Educational too – one person mentioned they purchased the orangutan after a visit to the zoo as they have so much personality. It is a good way to introduce your kids to wild animals.

Fun – I am not sure if the kids or adults have more fun with the Melissa and Doug orangutan. Kids find them very cuddly and cute. Adults meanwhile like to dress them up and place them around the home or office.

Who the Melissa and Doug orangutan is intended for

  • Kids, makes a great birthday gift that will be treasured
  • Adults, who love to collect them as well. Great for conversation at parties

Melissa and Doug Orangutan Features and Specifications

  • Orangutan Plush AnimalVery lifelike orangutan plush
  • Exacting attention to detail
  • Recommended for age 3 years and over
  • Assembled size of 22 x 14 x 20.5 according to manufacturer (note that Amazon shows a different size)

What Customers Are Saying About the Melissa and Doug Orangutan

There were a number of reviews with good ratings for this orangutan plush. First off many reviewers state the orangutan is nicer than the picture shows. This stuffed animal looks so real, when I first took it out of the box I almost expected it to start moving on its own. I didn’t receive the realistic looking orangutan pictured here, but one a lot cuter.

People commented about the size as this Orangutan is larger than stated and is so life like It is 24″ instead of 18″ and the fur is a brighter orange color. Note that the manufacturer states the size is 22 x 14 x 20.5.

Adults and kids find it feels so good to hug and cuddle. It’s very cute and looks just like an actual young orangutan. It is great for displaying or for cuddling.

When it comes to displaying this orangutan really seems to get around including these two examples. It now wears a motorcycle cap with the GoldWing logo and will be traveling on the back of my husband’s GoldWing where ever he goes. Mine sits in my office with a pair of reading glasses on and a book in its hands.

The hands are airbrushed to make them look very real! The eyes are bright and expressive.

It is soft too hug and anyone would love it and it suitable for adults and kids. Click here to check out other plush jungle animals. The lifelike Melissa and Doug Orangutan will be a great friend.

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