Category: Large Animals

We have a wide selection of large stuffed animals including gorilla, giraffe, elephants, ponies and others.

They are suitable for kids themed bedrooms, collectors of plush animals and animal lovers everywhere. Most are made from a soft plush fabric making them very cuddly from great suppliers such as Melissa & Doug, Aurora World, Republic and Hansa.

I have several in my office which are watching over me as I update this website and visitors (including a repairman) never fail to comment on them. These are very realistic looking stuffed animals in the right coloration and characteristics. Click on the links below to check out the large stuffed animals.

Wild Republic Jumbo Wolf Plush

Wild Republic Jumbo Wolf Plush

A very realistic soft and huggable wolf who is really not scary at all. Yes, the Wild Republic Jumbo Wolf plush offers all that for collectors and kids alike, check it out.