Aurora Plush Baby Emperor Penguin Review

Baby Emperor Penguin Plush

The Aurora Plush Baby Emperor Penguin is simply adorable and wants to be your new cuddly and huggable friend.

Baby Penguin Plush

What is good about the Plush Baby Emperor Penguin

Soft toy – very cute, he is made of squishy and soft plush fabric, a perfect addition to your home. He stands at about 6.5 inches tall not 8 inches as mentioned in some reviews.

Quality – this Emperor penguin has nice quality and detail. Aurora World has been offering quality and affordable products since 1981. It is noteworthy that they even offer their stuffed animals for sale at many local zoos.

Who the Baby Emperor Penguin is ideal for

  • Anyone who loves penguins
  • Collectors of plush animals
  • As a great gift including boys to their girlfriends
  • If you collect penguins also check out the Melissa and Doug Penguin

Plush Baby Emperor Penguin Features and Specifications

  • Plush Baby Emperor Penguin6.5 inch penguin
  • Super soft plush materials
  • Nice quality of detail

What customers say about the Plush Baby Emperor Penguin

One reviewer stated this is absolutely the cutest plush baby penguin ever! It will not disappoint you. The face is so adorable that you don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Totally precious and highly recommended.

Another person said this plush penguin is over my expectations! It’s not only looks like a real baby penguin – it’s also like what we EXPECT a baby penguin to be!

This reviewer thought the picture does not do this little fellow justice. It’s the softest, cuddliest thing I have ever seen. I love to just pick him up. Although it seems to be very well constructed, I do not know that I would give it to a child who may “tear him up”. I’m 61 years old and I get very attracted to things that are this cute, but please don’t let my review sway you from buying this. He is just so, so adorable. If I didn’t need to start downsizing my house, I would probably consider the whole clan of penguins offered if they were all this cute. Should you purchase this, you will not be sorry! Just remember, you will not be able to put him down. And if you are buying it as a gift, plan on buying two – one for you and one for whomever.

Many reviewers mentioned it is very well made and absolutely charming. Worth every penny and then some.

You can check out our other plush sea animals by clicking here. This Plush Baby Emperor Penguin is adorable and very affordable.

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