Fiesta Toys Marshmallow Platypus Plush

Fiesta Toys Marshmallow Platypus Plush Toy, 21", Multicolor

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Fiesta Toys Marshmallow Platypus Plush for an animal that is not as well known but is just as adorable in its own way.  The surface is washable. (Sizes are approximate)  and it is a great item for a gift and perfect for Collectors as well. Manufacturers suggested age 3 and older.

Platypus stuffed animal

Platypus Plush Product Features

  • Super soft cuddly Platypus
  • Nice detail and quality
  • 21 Inches Long

The Fiesta Toy Platypus  plush is a very realistic and cute plush animal of one of the most unique creatures on earth.

What is good about this Platypus

Soft and cuddly – made of very soft plush fabric that is realistic looking and easy to hug, even with small paws and a tail. Only the eyes are not made of plush.

Educational – did you know that the Platypus is the only mammal that lays eggs? Your child will want to learn about this interesting animal from down under once they have one of their own.

Quality plush product – Fiesta Toy was founded in 1972 in Santa Monica, California. Manufacturing plush for more than 30 years and their passion is attention to detail and quality product. Fiesta’s plush toys have been bringing smiles to people for many years.

Fiesta Toys Platypus Plush Features

  • Made of quality plush fabric
  • 21 inches long
  • Realistic looking colors and features

Who Would Love This Plush Platypus

  • Plush animal collectors
  • Platypus fans
  • Kids from 1 to 8 years old
  • Anyway looking for something different
  • Educators teaching about this exotic animal
  • As a gift
Fiesta Toys Marshmallow Platypus Plush Toy, 21", Multicolor

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What customers say about the Fiesta Toys Platypus Plush

It seems reviewers all have names for their Platypus and find it very soft and cuddly. In fact many use this plush animal as a comfortable pillow as well.

Numerous reviewers remarked on what a great product this is and how very well made it is. Many purchase it as a gift for kids but adults who are fans of Platypus also treasure him.

Reviewers stated this platypus can be very educational. For example one owner said it is a “she” because she doesn’t have a spur on her hind heels while male platypuses do.

The Fiesta Toys Platypus plush soft and huggable plush animal can provide hours of fun at a very affordable price and comes highly recommended.

Some other realistic looking stuffed platypus:

Fiesta Marhmallow Platypus Plush






Realistic looking


Price and value



  • Quality plush
  • Nice size of 21 inches
  • Soft and cuddly
  • Realistic looking features


  • Bead eyes may be issue for small kids
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