Melissa & Doug Giant Dolphin – Lifelike Stuffed Animal

Giant Dolphin - Lifelike Stuffed Animal

With its smiling expression and bright eyes, this friendly dolphin will leap right into your heart! This realistic sea mammal is nearly four feet long from the end of its bottlenose to the tip of its flipper.

Large dolphin plush

Product Features

  • Lifelike plush toy with beautiful markings and realistic details
  • Hand-crafted with realistic markings
  • Soft polyester fabric
  • 41″ x 17″ x 13″
  • 3 yrs +

The Melissa and Doug Plush Stuffed Dolphin is cuddly and huge. Remember Flipper the adorable TV dolphin with the smiling face, now you can have your own.

What Is Great About the Melissa and Doug Plush Stuffed Dolphin

Durable – Melissa and Doug have been making quality stuffed animals for 23 years.

Realistic – features soft grey fur, white belly, bottlenose, flippers and friendly expressive eyes and is over 3 feet long.

Fun – cuddly and good for imaginative play.

Educational – one ten year old girl found she is more curious about dolphins now so is more interested in reading about them and learning about them. Another 5-year-old wants to be a marine biologists when she grows up so this plush animal is definitely educational.

Who The Melissa and Doug Plush Stuffed Dolphin is intended for

  • Kids – cuddly and used as a pillow by many
  • Adults – makes a great gift as with the only caution being you may want to keep it yourself
  • Collectors of Melissa and Doug plush stuffed animals

Melissa and Doug Plush Stuffed Dolphin Features & Specifications

  • Plush Stuffed DophinPremium quality soft plush dolphin
  • Life like features
  • Recommended age of 3 years and older
  • Size of 18 x 17 x 41 inches from manufacturer (note that Amazon shows a different size)

What Customers Are Saying About the Melissa and Doug Plush Stuffed Dolphin

Everyone talks about the size. I knew it was nearly 4-feet-long when I purchased it, but didn’t visualize my daughter actually lugging from room to room with her like she does. It is big enough to use as a sausage pillow which may be a bonus feature.

One reviewer stated her 10 year old daughter really likes this dolphin. It is large, but not huge. She wanted something other than the standard bears, etc but still wanted a large stuffed animal. Another person bought this toy for my six year old daughter. It quickly became her PFF (plush friend forever).

Lots of reviewers commented on the pretty eyes. It is about 3 feet long and has cute eyes, is well put together and most importantly is very soft and cuddly. l in all, it seems well made (I especially like the eye detail)

I bought this for my wife as part of her birthday present because she loves dolphins. The dolphin is the size of a large pillow and is just as soft. Though it would make a nice stuffed animal for a child, it makes a good size pillow as well.

It is soft and so far has stood up to going camping both in a tent and to a week of Bible camp. It is dragged to Grandma’s house, to dad’s house and always has the bed at mom’s house.

We have lots of different plush sea animals which you can check out by clicking here. If you’re into marine mammals this is a great thing. The Melissa and Doug plush stuffed dolphin offers excellent value if you are looking for something different.

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