Melissa & Doug Shark Stuffed Animal

Giant Shark Stuffed AnimalThink of him swimming through the ocean and Finn the Melissa & Doug Shark Stuffed Animal may look fearsome . . . but give this fuzzy stuffed animal a squeeze and you may think of sharks in a whole new way! With super-soft plush and a body that fits exactly right in a hug or under an arm, kids will fall in love with this king of the sea!

Giant Shark Plush

Product Features

  • Plush shark looks tough but feels as cuddly as can be!
  • Features embroidered gills.
  • Lovely white-and-gray coloring with black accents
  • Durably constructed with top-quality plush and fill
  • Surface washable

The Melissa & Doug Shark stuffed animal looks real and can be found swimming around the house as a playmate with your child.

A dramatic sight as this shark is over three feet tall.

What is good about the Melissa & Doug Shark Stuffed Animal

So life like – great attention to detail at over three feet long with a silky grey color and a soft white belly. It has a toothy grin and prominent dorsal fin so it really does look realistic.

Cuddly – whether you name your shark jaws or another name this soft sea animal is huge at over three feet and it loves to be hugged, the most snuggly shark in the sea.

Quality construction – made from premium plush over a flexible wire frame.  Melissa and Doug have been makes quality stuffed animals for over 23 years including ocean life stuffed animals including turtles, dolphins and penguins.

Who the Melissa & Doug Shark Stuffed Animal is Intended for

  • Child nursery or theme bedroom
  • Kids best friend to play with
  • Collectors of all ages
  • Makes a great gift anytime but particularly at Christmas for toy drives
  • Shark lovers
  • And many people say they are using this shark as a pillow
  • Plush SharkRealistic looking shark plush featuring close attention to detail
  • Cuddly and huggable
  • Sturdy and quality construction
  • Great for play or display, makes a perfect companion for any little girl or boy
  • Measures 40 inches long x 15 inches wide x 14 inches high
  • Recommended for ages 3 or older
  • Surface is washable

What customers are saying about the Melissa & Doug Shark Stuffed Animal

One reviewer stated that I was not expecting this shark to be as big as it. It looks just like the picture. The materials are soft and good quality, as is most always with Melissa and Doug products.

Another reviewer reinforced that comment by stating my son bought this shark and he loves it–barely puts it down. It is HUGE and very durable. The rest of my kids want one now!

Plenty of adults love this shark as well. One person stated this was a gift for my boyfriend who loves sharks. Even as an adult he loved it! The quality and durability is amazing. Also the sheer size of it alone and it had a great price. Another said I’m an 18yo college student, and I bought this shark because I wanted both a new pillow and something to cuddle.

You can see other plush animals from the sea by clicking here. So life like, the Melissa & Doug Plush Shark makes for a lovable playmate, gets yours today.

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