Category: Ride On Animals

These ride on stuffed animals are perfect for the child who always wanted a pony for example. They are large and will spark the imagination of any child. They make for great and fun gifts.

As they are realistic stuffed animals they normally feature the colors and characteristics of the real animal. Some of the other stuffed animals on this site are used as ride on stuffed animals, particularly jungle animals,  but are not meant for that use so I have not included them.

There are several ride on stuffed animals listed below from quality suppliers such as Little Tikes and Hansa, check on the links to check them out.

Melissa & Doug Plush Rocking Horse

Rocking Horse Plush

Here is a sturdy, lovable rocking horse featuring ultra-soft fur and a realistic saddle and bridle. The Melissa & Doug Plush rockying horse is ready to ride and it makes galloping sounds when its ear is pressed!