Aurora Bruiser Gentle Giant Plush

Aurora World Bruiser Gentle Giant 39"

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This huge Aurora Plush Bruiser Gentle Giant is 39 inches tall. He is a great looking huggable sitting bear who will be a hit with your kids.

Aurora is the leading supplier of affordable, high quality gift products. Since its establishment in 1981, the company has ascended to become a respected leader in the character & contents industry.

Giant Bruiser

What is good about the Aurora Plush Bruiser Gentle Giant

Large size – your bruiser gentle giant has very realistic looking colors and is big at 39 inches. As mentioned elsewhere on this website I use my large stuffed animals at jungle theme parties (for adults) and they are always the center of attention.

Soft plush fabric – very cute and cuddly, soft as it is made of fine plush fabric

Quality product – Aurora is a premier manufacturer of
plush animals

Who the Aurora Plush Bruiser Gentle Giant is intended for

  • Kids aged 3 to 15 to play and have fun with
  • Theme room or nursery decor
  • Collectors of teddy bears
  • Collectors of plush animals of any age
  • If you want a giant plush animal
  • As a gift anytime of the year. Many guys also give this huggable bear to their girlfriends
  • Plush Bruiser Gentle Giant

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    39 inch sitting bear

  • Realistic styling and color
  • Fine Plush Fabric
  • Soft and Cuddly
  • Made by leading manufacturer of plush animals

What customers are saying about the Aurora Bruiser Gentle Giant Plush

Their were plenty of positive reviews for this gentle giant. Many reviews felt the Bruiser is easily one of the most beautiful bears I’ve ever seen and yes, as stated before, the pictures don’t do him justice.

Many reviewers stated that this is the cutest, softest and most adorable bear I ever seen. I ordered it for my daughter for Christmas. I took it out the box and couldn’t put it down!!! The color is beautiful!!

Not surprising reviewers are saying that everyone wanted to touch it, and loved it instantly. It is so soft. Children grow quickly and this bear stays a favorite of theirs for years.

Reviewers loved the construction of the bear. One person mentioned he’s sturdy, his stitching is strong and he’s completely cuddly and my grandson loves him.

To see all our reviews of plush bears, click here. This Aurora Plush Bruiser Gentle Giant is one big cuddly bear offering exceptional value.

Bruiser Gentle Giant Plush




Realistic looking









  • Large size
  • Realistic styling and color
  • Fine plush fabric
  • Soft and cuddly


  • Fur may shed a bit
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