Melissa & Doug Giant Panda Bear Stuffed Animal Review

Melissa & Doug Giant Panda Bear - Lifelike Stuffed Animal (over 2 feet tall)
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What’s black and white and loved all over? Why this Giant Panda Bear stuffed animal of course and this one is over two feet tall and just ready to hug. One very popular bear which is so recognizable and rarely seen outside of China, but you can have one visit your home.

Panda Bear Plush

Featuring excellent quality construction, soft, furry fabric, and an endearing expression. Soft and huggable, this will appeal to bear lovers of every age.

This cute Melissa & Doug Giant Plush Panda is so cuddly and huggable you will want one of your own.

What is good about the Melissa & Doug Giant Plush Panda

So life-like – sitting at almost two feet tall, this panda is a soft, cuddly, premium-quality giant plush with soothing friendly features. This impressive stuffed bear has realistic characteristics, colors, and an endearing expression that is perfect for play or display.

Cuddly – he is looking for lots of bear hugs and with floppy limbs that dangle you will want to hug this loveable furry friend.

Quality construction – durable construction means that children can give lots of bear hugs. Melissa and Doug have been making quality stuffed animals for over 23 years including a variety of bears.

Who this Giant Panda Stuffed Animal is intended for

  • Kid’s rooms and nurseries
  • Presents for girlfriends
  • Bear lovers of every age
  • Collectors of realistic stuffed animals
  • Any child from 2 years old and more
  • As a gift at any time of the year
Melissa & Doug Giant Panda Bear - Lifelike Stuffed Animal (over 2 feet tall)
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Melissa & Doug Giant Panda Plush Features and Specifications

  • Giant panda bear measuring 23.8 x 22 x 15.8 inches
  • Extra Soft and over sized
  • Great to cuddle with
  • Realistic looking
  • Great Value
Melissa & Doug Giant Panda Bear - Lifelike Stuffed Animal (over 2 feet tall)
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What customers say about the Melissa & Doug Giant Plush Panda

There were a lot of positive reviews about the giant panda. Many reviewers state the bear itself is exactly how they pictured it, big, cuddly, and soft. Many also thought the panda was a lot larger than I had expected and was a great deal for the price.

This reviewer commented about the durability by mentioning the bear is definitely large but not too heavy, which is great. The bear has been pulled and carried by just about every part of his body (ears, arms, legs, etc) and has withstood the treatment.

Another reviewer wanted to decorate a room and they purchased this panda to help add a child’s touch to a new panda room that we decided on for our first born baby.

Giant Panda Bear Plush


Realistic looking








Value for money



  • Life like
  • Bear hugs all round
  • Quality construction
  • Large size
  • Extra soft


  • May shed a bit initially when first arrives

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