Cute Aurora Miyoni Lovely Lamb Plush Review

Aurora World Miyoni 10" Lovely Lamb
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The realistic-looking Aurora Miyoni Lovely Lamb Plush is a soft and cuddly stuffed farm animal as you would expect.

Aurora Lamb Stuffed Animal

What is good about this Baby Lamb Plush

Very realistic looking – with brown hooves to the fluffy white plush fabric has exquisite details.

Softness – As you would expect from a lamb named “Lovely” it is a very soft and huggable plush animal. And Aurora only uses a lock washer or embroidered eyes and nose for safety reasons.

Name tag – Aurora World is famous for its “Aurora Babies” hanging name tag which some people like and others removed.

Quality plush product – Aurora World has been around since 1981 making top-quality plush animals.

Aurora Plush Baby Lamb Lovely Features

  • Cream color
  • 10-inch Baby Lamb Plush
  • Lock washer or embroidered eyes and nose for safety
  • Fine plush fabric
  • Soft and cuddly,
  • Silky plush and soft huggable bodies
  • Realistic design, made with superior materials and impeccable attention to detail
  • Wool-like design

Who Would Want This Plush Lamb

  • Plush animal collectors
  • As a decoration for a religious scene
  • Plush animal for infants
  • Kids who love lambs
  • Teachers instructing about farm animals
  • As a gift

Aurora - Miyoni - 10" Lovely Lamb Cream

What customers say about the Aurora Plush Baby Lamb Lovely

There were lots of positive reviews for this lamb plush. Most reviewers agree that the lamb is sweet and cute and is also soft and easy to hug. They also felt it was good at standing up.

One reviewer remarked, “I wanted a plush lamb that was soft and cuddly, yet very realistic in appearance. This plush delivers on both counts. It is absolutely beautiful and has the softest fur (like angora/mohair!). Well crafted and with the perfect facial expression, love the attention to detail that went into this piece”.

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The Aurora Plush Baby Lamb Lovely is cute, and soft and is a great plush farm animal for your child.

Miyioni Lovely Lamb Plush






Realistic looking







  • Quality durable product
  • Perfect size
  • Cute, soft and cuddly
  • For 36 months and older
  • Stands on own


  • Beads for eyes

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