Aurora World Miyoni Baby Bunny Plush Review

Aurora World Miyoni Baby Bunny Plush, Grey
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Aurora World Miyoni Baby Bunny plush and other premium animals are made with superior materials and great attention to detail. Each piece is beautifully designed and features realistic air-brushed color accents to replicate the animals found in nature.

Aurora Baby Bunny Plush

Double bagged bean-filling along with lock-washer eyes and nose ensure safety and durability, giving long-lasting enjoyment. Aurora World is an industry leader with over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing innovative, high-quality plush products.

Baby Bunny Plush Product Features

Aurora World Miyoni Baby Bunny Plush, Grey
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  • Measures 4.5″ high
  • Authentic Miyoni plush animals have realistic styling, are made with superior materials, and have impeccable attention to detail
  • Silky plush and soft huggable bodies
  • Name tag

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This is a beautiful, well-made, and high-quality plush bunny. You will love the soft effect in the fur, very much like a wild bunny and the big bright brown eyes are great as well. The Aurora Miyoni Baby Bunny Plush is very life-like, makes an excellent gift, and is quite the value for the money!

Aurora World Miyoni Baby Bunny Plush, Tan - 26256
This bunny is also available in a tan color

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Miyoni Baby Bunny Plush


Well made


Looks real


Soft & cuddly


Small size


Exceptional price



  • So adorable and cute
  • Fluffy
  • Realistic looking
  • Perfect size

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