Aurora Barney Plush Great Horned Owl

Aurora World Barney the Great Horned Owl 9"

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Aurora Barney Plush Great Horned Owl from is the leading supplier of affordable, high quality gift products. Since its establishment in 1981, the company has ascended to become a respected leader in the character & contents industry.

Great Horned Owl Plush

Great Horned Owl Plush Product Features

  • Realistic looking
  • Exquisite detail
  • Soft material
  • Bean filled
  • Leader in plush worldwide

The Aurora Barney Plush Great Horned Owl is so cute and cuddly, with beautiful eyes to be admired. Fans of Harry Potter will especially appreciate this owl.

What is good about the Aurora Barney Plush Great Horned Owl

Kids love it – just back from a visit to the zoo or have a Harry Potter fan in your house, then this owl is for you.

Very realistic – the detailing on this 9 inch tall owl is great, very realistic including the colors. It has different textured fur and is very fluffy. And his beak is pointed, petite, and spotted with flecks of black

Feels soft – especially his belly which feels very cuddly and soft.

Safety – uses lock washer or embroidered eyes and nose for safety.

Quality – Since 1981 Aurora has been making quality products and is a leading maker of plush animals.

Aurora Barney Plush Great Horned Owl Features

  • Plush animal with big eyes
  • Very realistic looking owl
  • Measure 9 inches tall
  • Exquisite detail and colors
  • Made of soft material
  • Bean filled
  • Aurora is a leader in plush worldwide

Who Might Want this Realistic Stuffed Owl Plush

  • Manufacturer states for kids age 36 months to 15 years old
  • Collectors of stuffed animals
  • Harry Potter party
  • Theme room decor
  • Educators
  • Owl lovers
  • As a gift

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Aurora World Barney the Great Horned Owl 9"

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What customers say about the Aurora Barney Plush Great Horned Owl

Numerous reviewers claimed the picture does not do it justice and that it is really much better.

Many felt it looked so real that it is sometimes hard to believe it is a stuffed animal. One person even used this barney owl to serve as a scarecrow, apparently it worked.

And reviewers also talked about how bright, penetrating and intelligent the eyes looked. They also said those large eyes are tightly secured. The quality of the owl is amazing the feathers look real

This reviewer with a sense of humor remarked that “it appears to be sturdy, but I don’t intend to let the dog play with it. A five-year-old with clean hands did no harm and wants one of her own. A thirty-six-year-old who dripped ice cream on it managed to clean it.”

Is this owl educational? Not really but more people don’t seem to care. This reviewer revealed “be aware, if you are looking specifically for a BARN OWL, this is NOT a Barn Owl. Check any online site or reference book about owls and you’ll discover it does not fit the descriptions of Barn Owls. Based on it’s markings and colors we are calling ours a Western Screech Owl”. As I said no one seems to mind.

If you love owls then The Aurora Plush Barney Great Horned Owl is for you, especially as it is available at a very low discounted price.

Barney Great Horned Owl Plush




Life like







  • Life like
  • Soft & cuddly
  • Exquisite detail
  • Kids will love this owl


  • Bead eyes may not be safe for infants, although use lock washer or embroidered eyes
  • Wings are stiff
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